Looking for a unique real estate investment opportunity that offers luxury and exclusivity? Consider investing in wealthy islets.


Wealthy islets are small, private islands that are owned by a select few ultra-wealthy individuals. Investing in these types of properties can provide both financial returns and the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate luxury lifestyle.


We have one in our very own Lagos, with a title of certificate of occupancy.


The Wealthy Islet, located on 10 hectares of beachfront property, is a game changer for MKH. It’s a fresh take on luxury waterfront living, with residential spaces tailored to your exact specifications.


NEAREST LANDMARKS: Lakowe Lakes and Golf Resort Coscharis Motors Novare Mall Corona School Green Springs School LOCATION Eko-Akete, Abijo, Lagos.


Why not discover what the world of wealthy islets has to offer? With the possibility and learning about the opportunities available. A wealthy islet could be your next big investment opportunity.


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