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Our primary aim is to help and assist you to move away from being a tenant year-in-year-out to owning a home of your own; thereby, giving you the freedom and the life that you truly deserve. Welcome to Etionary Properties where ‘ease and comforts’ is assured.

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Why Own a Home In Nigeria?

The need to own a home in the great city of Lagos, Nigeria; cannot be overemphasized. We recognize how taut the economy is; hence, we have provided a payment plan to help our esteemed clients to acquire their dream homes.

Buying a home gives you roots. You meet a community, you become part of that community, and you establish a relationship with that neighbourhood.
Money paid for rent is money that you will never see again, but mortgage payment lets you build equity ownership interest in your home.
Houses and landed properties appreciate over time, which gives our clients the chance to resell if necessary & make profit.
Comfort and Privacy
Owning a home, buys you privacy; no more quick notices from your landlord.
With the high demand of Shortlets, a purchased property can be placed on Shortlets and/or annual rentals to generate steady cash flow. An investment venture that can increase ROI by over 85% within a year.

Client Testimonials

“I never knew acquiring a property in Lagos would be this hassle free until I was introduced to Etionary Properties!  Kudos to the entire team!

Mrs. Adebayo Funke

With their pay small small package i have been able to get my dream house way faster than i ever imagined! Etionary Properites is actually doing something different!

Mrs. Jane Ogbutah

“Staying up to date has never been this easy! With weekly updates from Etionary Properties, I have been able to take the best investment decisions this year!

Mr. Kome Oyibo

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