You will need a mask and a gun. 

Lol, just kidding just kidding


There is not an individual out there who does not want to own a house for themselves, everyone wants to be a landlord, a house owner, for various reasons, among them may be to show your village people shege or that girl from university who refused to date you, you know it can be anything. 


But what stops them is the very lack of funds, some people don’t even entertain the idea because they are thinking I haven’t even seen enough money to survive for the next month and you are telling me to buy a house? A whole house?


The truth is it isn’t as scary as it seems, Etionary properties have made the process of owning a home almost seamless because of how user-friendly it is, from the buy-to-sell scheme to referral bonuses and real estate consultations you are properly initiated into the world of real estate and next thing you know you are pricing a house on the same street as your ex-boyfriend, only bigger.


One of the best and easiest methods of buying a house ‘without money’ at Etionary properties is the pay small small investment plan, you start with a down payment and work your way up from there. It is almost like magic. 


Except it isn’t and Etionary properties are here for you to do the work for you.


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