When you read an address, sometimes it reads as ‘street’ other times, it reads as ‘estate’. Houses on streets often times, would not have an association or share communal facilities. However, an estate would, most times, have an association, a recreational park, a gym facility, security, religious buildings, a grocery store among other features. The decision to reside in an estate or not, is based on preference but deciding to access basic amenities without worries should be a necessity.

Nobody wants to live with the paranoia of being cut off from the national grid or have to bear the noise and expense of running a back-up generator. Nobody wants to live without the security of basic amenities or bear the logistics of providing them. Unfortunately, worrying about hot refrigerators is the normal for an average Nigerian.

One of the ways Nigerians have found to ease these worries is by living in fully serviced estates. These estates promise constant electricity supply, water, landscaping as some of their perks. One of the features of these fully serviced estates is the central power supply that ensures your refrigerator remains cold, frees you from the logistics of maintaining an alternate source of electricity and ensures a noiseless sleep at night.

If you have considered the cost-benefit analysis and realized, like you should, that owning property in a fully serviced estate is a good investment, the next step is locating available options. 

Our team of specialized agents are ready to take you through the process.


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