Sometimes in a game of chess and in business the world, we may not be sure of which direction to go.  Chess is surely a game to learn when navigating the harsh terrains of the business environment. A business may not offer the luxury of playing repeatedly, cues from chess however largely applies to business.

Chess: The game of War.  Has also been tagged as a game for thinkers. You play from two sides; the offensive and the defensive side, either you are waging war or you are protecting your territory.

Any Business Owners who can successfully make his or her way around the offensive and defensive tactics will offer value to a company in the game of business.

There are great strategic moves to be learnt from this board game.

  1. Every Move must be intentional to trigger your opponent expected behavior, it must have purpose and a goal. So in business. Let your every move be calculated, intentional and have a goal in mind.
  2. Timeliness: The game of chess relies on your ability to know the perfect time to strike or make a move. Time is of the essence to win. Even in business. You have to be time conscious. Every goal needs to have a timeline to be efficient.
  3. Innovative: This places you one step ahead of your opponent. They will always be on the edge and trying to keep up the pace to match you weakening their strategies. While you plan your next move, they would be thinking of how to counter you.

In the game of chess. The idea is to Win. And you can only do so by having the right strategy; same as business nobody ventures to fail.

As a small business owner you too can develop killer strategy and learn some from chess!


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